From Idea to Silicon

Accelerate your chip development

Turn your idea into Reality

Achieve faster time to market with our comprehensive suite of design IP, verification VIPs and experience in house dv experts.
ASIC Design

From Specification to final design. IP/Sub System/ SoC level ARM, RISC V based SoC design Expertise in PCIe, Ethernet,etc

ASIC Verification

Expertise in SV/UVM/Verilog/C Verification Expertise in Functional Coverage Verification IP Development Perl, Python Scripting

Complete System Development

Complete spec to product development for FPGA Expertise with FPGA tools for Xilinx

SoC Verification

We provide full SoC verification services for SV/UVM based systems. Experienced team with ARM and RISC based SoCs.

VIP Development

We have ongoing development of multiple VIP for protocols like Ethernet, PCIe, DDR, RISC V. These are currently UVM based VIP.


Proven experience of more than a decade of developing and verifying full IP / Subsystem / IP. Verilog/VHDL/SV/UVM


Adopt quickly and flexible to any changes or additions during the course of chip development life cycle.

Scrum Methodology

Quickly highlight and resolve problems

Automated Process

Quick in adapting to changes

Quality at every stage

To make sure your chip works, we give high priority to quality of work we do. Step wise quality checks to ensure minimal error.

Trained and versatile team

A team experienced in ASIC/FPGA design and verification, with an ability to work from scratch.

Lower your time to market

In chip design, right chip at right time is crucial. Cutting edge solutions with highly optimized codes to help you get quality, reliable and faster code.

High reuse
Defined Flow